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Tuesday, June 29, 2004

The Muthathi Trip

Trip : Muthathi
Places Visited : Muthathi
Dates : 02-Feb-2003
Vehicle : Cars
Maruti Suzuki 800(Renjith), Hyundai Santro(Kuruvilla)
Participants : Dinkar(Dinkan), Girish(Giriannan), Kuruvilla(Kuru), Rajesh(KP), Renjith(Koothu), Sudeep(Robo), Suresh(Warri), Sushen

The regular holiday-makers Khoj and Pad were in Canada and USA respectively. Chetti and Aliyan had some urgent work at the office. The Electrical gang comprising Anumod, Sunil etc. refused to come on such short notice. So on the Sunday morning, there were only 9 people assembled in our Koramangala house, the usual starting point of our trips. There were 3 cars available. Dinkan's Maruti Suzuki Zen, Kuru's Hyundai Santro and Koothu's Maruti Suziki 800. After a toss it was decided that only Koothu's and Kuru's car would be taken for the trip. Why waste petrol ?

Initially the trip was planned to Bheemeswari. There is a Fishing camp on the banks of Cauvery at this place. We took the Kanakapura road from Bangalore and proceeded towards Bheemeswari. Koothu's car had Girish, Warri, Koothu and me. Kuru's car was full with himself, KP, Robo and Dinkan.

There is a small ghat section when you approach Bheemeswari. The road here is very bad. We stopped quite a few times to enjoy the nature's beauty and also to check the tyres.

There was a huge gate at the entrance to Bheemeswari fishing camp. The guard stopped us and asked for tickets. We took out the cash to purchase tickets. But it seems we get the tickets only at Jungle Lodges and Resorts Ltd. office in Bangalore. So there ended "the Bheemeswari Trip" which was quickly converted to "the Muthathi Trip" at the guard's advice.

6 kilometres ahead was Muthathi, where you don't have to pay to visit the Cauvery. It was in a proper rural setting. We saw many people doing pujas etc. We went to a secluded place and sat for sometime. The river at that part was not very clean and also deep. So nobody ventured into the water.

By noon we were hungry and went in search of food. There was guy by a small roadside stall, who agreed to make rice and sambar if we wated 15 minutes. After about an hour, we got food served in plates made of dry leaves. We had a tough time controlling the watery sambar from flowing into our laps.

We walked to another part of the river after the lunch. We heard people talking about two guys who drowned an hour ago. I went and asked a decent looking person, as to what had happened. He explained to me that there was a drowning incident before their very eyes and that the police has been called. He was a college lecturer and had come with his students on excursion. Hearing that I hailed from Kerala, he pointed to two of his students who were bathing in the river. I talked to them for some time and went back to my friends.

With hardly anything to see in this place and already having decided not to take bath, we started our return journey by 4:00 pm.


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